Healthy Kids Make Happy Parents

Kids Zumba

Looking for a fun and healthy activity for your kids? Nothing compares to having your kids move and exercise to their favorite tunes. Our Kids Zumba class gives kids a safe environment to let loose, be active and dance their hearts out. Kids Zumba classes feature kid-friendly choreography routines. Our experienced instructors break down the steps and incorporate games, activities and rhythm sticks into the class.

Why Kids Zumba?
Because it’s the Most Fun Your Kids Will Have Exercising!

  • Kids Zumba helps kids develop a healthy lifestyle. 
  • It reinforces fitness as a natural part of childrens’ lives by making fitness fun.
  • Classes promote key childhood development elements like leadership, respect, team work, confidence, self-esteem, memory, creativity and coordination.

Kids Sports Conditioning

Whether you are looking to keep your children active or you want to improve their sports performance, the kids sports conditioning class will accomplish that.

  • Helps kids who play sports improve their speed, strength and performance
  • Kids participate in games that are fun and encourage team building
  • Promotes physical fitness in a positive and engaging way.
  • Includes exercises such as burpees, crab walks, hip bridges, inchworms, planks, and pushups.

Kids Yoga

Yoga gives kids a sense of accomplishment as they develop new and interesting ways to move, interact and find balance. TotalFusion Yoga Kids classes are unlike regular yoga classes. Our Kids Yoga class has been specially developed to deliver an active environment, which gets kids moving, focusing, laughing and playing. Our experienced teachers tailor each class to the age of the group so that each child can follow the instructions and get the most out of each class.

Why Kids Yoga?
Because the Benefits are Tremendous!

  • Studies consistently show that Yoga helps kids deal with and overcome stress!
  • Over time, yoga helps build self-confidence and self-esteem, enhance focus, foster freedom of expression, and improve balance and coordination.
  • Kids learn to move their bodies and create different shapes and poses, and focus their attention and energy. It’s amazing and inspiring to see them all in complete silence during the final resting pose.
  • Yoga challenges kids both mentally and physically.
  • Yoga teaches us an inner-peace and awareness that can help a child develop calmness.
  • Each child goes at his or her own pace; it’s not a competitive activity. All children will enjoy their yoga experience in different ways, which really is what it’s all about.

Kids Classes

Looking for a fun and healthy activity for your kids? Nothing compares to having your kids move and exercise to their favorite tunes. Or how about improving their sports performance with some conditioning classes?


Kids Parties

Looking for an awesome party idea for a birthday or a corporate event? Let TotalFusion help you throw the kind of party you will never forget. Our dedicated party planner will make the event planning easy and convenient for you.