Spivi is a unique virtual interactive cycling system and it’s ONLY at TotalFusion!Your avatar races across the screen while a motivating instructor and rockin’ playlist push you to achieve your personal best!

Your Spivi Avatar races to keep up with other riders in real time as you climb and descend mountains and sprint across the flats.View performance metrics (power, cadence, heart rate) in real time, and track progress over time to see real fitness gains.


  • Spivi works with any ANT+ compatible sensor and with the Polar H7 strap. A full list of ANT+ compatible devices can be found at the ANT+ directory.
  • You should check the Heart Rate Sensors box under the Categories section on the left side of the page to have the list on the right side filtered for your needs.
  • We don’t have any specific recommendation for any HR monitor brand.

In general we can say that:

  • HR wrists are more comfortable to wear but they are less accurate and have battery charging needs.
  • HR straps are less comfortable to wear On the other hand they are more accurate and their average battery lifetime is 12 months.
  • Fitbit and Apple watch do not broadcast the HR data in a standard open format, therefore these devices can't be utilized on any 3rd party system including our Spivi Studio and Spivi Arena.
Prefer not to share your performance data in class? No problem. You control what others can see in your own Spivi privacy settings.